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Screenshot of a an 'evening routine' checklist
Why do I need checklists?

It can be hard to keep all the details of your daily routine in your head without feeling overwhelmed or always worrying that you're forgetting something. Document your routines in checklists that you can replay every time you perform the routine, and you can focus on doing, not remembering.

Here are some examples of checklists that could help you:

Packing Lists

Always leave the house with the same set of items? Put them in a checklist that you tick off every time you leave, so you never forget any of them again. This is especially useful if you have kids and find yourself carrying a suitcase-load for a walk to the park!


Tax season can be challenging because you've typically had a whole year to forget the arcane set of incantations required to submit a tax return. An annual tax checklist makes this a breeze!


Are you buying the same set of groceries every few weeks? Put all your staples in a checklist and you don't have to worry about missing anything on your next grocery run.

Start-up / Wind-down

Does the start of your work (or otherwise) day feel overwhelming? Are you working late because it's hard to wrap up?

Start-up/wind-down checklists are a great way to start & end your day more intentionally.

Checklist Templates
Screenshot of a an 'tax filing' checklist template

One-Time Setup

Checklist templates are like the blueprint for a checklist. Set up a template once, and create instances of the template each time you perform those tasks.

Don't Sweat the Details

Templates are great for routines, ceremonies, rituals, or in any other situation where you're doing the same set of tasks every time. You don't need to live with the nagging worry that you may be forgetting something!



In a template, special words preceded by the % sign are expanded when you create an instance of the template.

For example, %date and %time are replaced by the current date and time when a checklist is instantiated from a template.

Here's a complete list of available tokens.

Notes + Markdown

Attach notes to checklists or individual tasks with full Markdown support

Screenshot of a an 'monthly bills' checklist template with date/time tokensScreenshot of a an instantiated 'monthly bills' checklist
Screenshot of a a shared 'grocery list' checklist template

Public Checklists

Share a checklist (or template) by generating a public URL for it. Anyone with the URL can now look at the checklist or copy it to their own account.

This is great for families with a shared grocery list, for example, or a team with a common meeting ritual.


Templates can be instantiated by making a POST request to its webhook URL.

This lets you instantiate a template in all sorts of interesting scenarios, say when the weather turns, or when a stock dips.

Tip:You can use Apple Shortcuts, Zapier, or IFTTT to make POST requests.

And more!

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Download a full copy of your data at any time — instantly — as an SQLite database.

Host It Yourself

Don't want your data in the cloud? No problem! Use the self-hosted version instead.

It's distributed as a single binary that you can run anywhere you'd like: a server, Raspberry Pi, or even a laptop.

Organize with Headings

Use headings to break large checklists up into smaller chunks.

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