Checklist actions

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Here's a quick rundown of all the actions you can perform on a checklist:

  • Duplicate: Create a copy of this checklist with all items unchecked
  • →Template: Convert this checklist to a checklist template
  • Check all: Mark this checklist "Done" by checking off all items
  • Hide ✔: Hide all checked-off items temporarily
  • Edit note: Add/edit a (markdown) description for this checklist
  • Share: Generate a public URL for this checklist
  • Print: Create a printable copy of this checklist
  • Delete: Delete this checklist (it is not currently possible to undo this action)

Some actions are only available on templates:

  • Instantiate: Create an instance of this template to run through, while leaving the template untouched
  • →Checklist: Convert this checklist template to a regular checklist
  • Webhook: Generate a webhook URL that can be used to automate template instantiation