Self-hosting: Introduction

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Purchasing the self-hosted version of is a great way to use the app while staying in full control of your data. It also lets you potentially use the app without an internet connection.

There's no telemetry, ads, tracking, or phone-home behavior of any kind.

The self-hosted version is distributed as a single static binary for the following platforms:

Linux amd64: Most 64-bit Intel & AMD processors
arm64: Graviton, Raspberry Pi 4, and other 64-bit ARM processors
arm: Raspberry Pi Zero and other 32-bit ARM processors
macOS Apple Silicon: M1/M2/etc. Macs
Intel: Legacy Macs

Let us know if you need a platform added to this list.


The only external dependency is currently an email provider, which is required both for user login and notifications. You can use one of the following providers:

In addition the following two email providers are available for single-user and/or offline-only installations:

  • Mock: write each email to a temporary HTML file and open it in the local browser
  • File: append the contents of each email to the same local text file


The app starts with a metrics endpoint enabled (this can be easily disabled), which will aggregate metrics for use with Prometheus and/or Grafana.

Purchase & License

Once you buy a copy, you will:

Note that this is currently a manual process, and it can take up to 24 hours after purchase to recieve your license key.

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