What are tokens?

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Tokens are placeholders in checklist templates. When a template is instantiated, these tokens are expanded in some way. For example, the %date token is replaced by the current date.

Tokens are brief identifiers prefixed with a %, and can be present anywhere in a checklist, both titles and descriptions.

Here is a full list of all available tokens:

Token Description
%date The current date in the "Jan 2, 2006" format
%time The current time in the "3:04pm" format
%D Day of the month
%MMM Month in the "January" format
%MM Month in the "Jan" format
%M Month in the "01" format
%Y Year

As always, let us know if you see a use for a token that isn't on this list.

Webhook Tokens

You can use custom tokens when a template is instantiated via webhook. checklists.fyi looks at the (JSON-encoded) POST body of the incoming webhook request and matches them against tokens in the checklist template being instantiated.

Here's the basic matching rule: a parameter hello matches against the token %webhook.hello. Non-matching parameters are ignored.

You can use Apple Shortcuts, Zapier, or IFTTT to make POST requests in response to various triggers.

For example, here's a template with a few webhook tokens:

When I instantiate that template with the following POST request:

curl -X POST https://api.checklists.fyi/api/checklists/public/a583d2ba-40c9-11ed-9e9e-5a39dbdb907d/instantiate
   -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
   -d '{"weather":"cold", "weathermsg": "bundle up", "breakfast": "pancake", "temperature": "18"}'

Here's the resulting checklist. Note that the temperature parameter was ignored, and that the other three parameters were inserted into the checklist.

Basic Token Expansion

As an example, here's a template with the %M, %Y, %MM, %time, and %date tokens present.

When this template is instantiated, all tokens are replaced by the values they represent. This example checklist was instantiated on Sep 26, 2022.